Dawg Walk

Trumpets. Tubas. Clarinets. Drums. Beating alongside the pace of racing hearts, settling in the deepest part of the stomach. Strumming the nerves inside awakening souls. A song recollecting the ear with reminiscence and memory. Old and new, singing along merrily. Red and black marination, a heavenly horizon. Sea of gripped hands waving to the sound … Continue reading Dawg Walk

It is More

I’m overwhelmed with joy. Yesterday morning, I had time to pause and think about a few things before I walked into Stegeman Coliseum for my final cheerleading tryout. This past year was a strange one, and I was not quite sure what God was doing in my life. After being in an unhealthy relationship, going … Continue reading It is More

The Sea

Run. Run to. Run away. Unto violet light. A field of reflecting gems. Captured glistening creations. Captivating beauty inside withered strings. A hallowed whisper, a silent hush. Constant roaring power. Run. Run with. Run into. Collide amongst purification. The deepest blues. Treasured joy. Continue reading The Sea

The Room

Time stops. Speaking to a single moment, quietly whispering to your soul. Trickling crystals of light, softly flow. Reflecting beauty, capturing the eye. A safe haven of colors. Warmth. A sixth sense, singing abruptly with passion. Nostalgia comes running home. Space evolves. A friend. Bright with whimsical character. Pops of flowers with twisted spirals. Sparkling … Continue reading The Room

Polar Express

When my friend told me the Polar Express could in fact relay a deeper message, I decided to watch it again for the 9273492856th time. I love it almost as much as Harry Potter (yep get ready for a deciphering of all those books soon); not for its graphics or quality, but for it’s message. … Continue reading Polar Express

Little Wonders

Georgia football  Breakfast food Reading new books  Pure happiness  Unforgettable moments   Writing Letters Chipmunks  Skylight  Red and black  Traveling  Old timey things  Telling someone about Jesus  Birthdays  Holidays  Realizing a journey you’re going through  Jesus  Helping others and watching them smile  Desserts  Licking ice cream out of a cone  Smiling Listening to people talk … Continue reading Little Wonders